Top Four: Joy Coakley’s Favorite Websites for Styling Inspiration

This week, we asked Joy Coakley, soft goods stylist for Poppy Creative Agency, to list her favorite websites for interior styling and creative inspiration. Read, click, and let us know your favorite sites, too.

1. Anthropologie

Joy loves Anthropologie’s website because it’s an all-around resource for fashion, photography textiles and interiors. (P.S. We love everything about Anthropologie too, from the in-store experience to online shopping.)

2. Pinterest 

Just about everyone uses Pinterest in one way or another – to stockpile recipes, gather DIY projects for a rainy day, build a dream wardrobe… For Joy, it serves as the ultimate tool for collecting project ideas and showcasing her taste. Follow her on Pinterest at @joystylesshoots.

3. Sunset

“Sunset magazine is my favorite print and online space to go for all my favorite topics: travel, food, gardening and interior spaces,” Joy told us. “It’s fun to watch industry peers make their creative appearances each month!” Poppy’s on the Sunset mailing list and we regularly share their wanderlust, cooking and decorating advice on Twitter.

4. Style Me Pretty Living

Style Me Pretty’s tagline for their “Living” section says it all: A Field Guide to Living an Inspired Life. Joy heads here when she wants to find curated trends in interiors and in-home style. Check out this blog post: Create the Perfect Girl’s Oasis with 3 Simple Tricks

Connect with Joy Coakley on Instagram at @joystylesandshoots and Pinterest at @joystylesshoots. Browse more of her portfolio at and on the Poppy website.

This is the fifth post in a series that will focus on preferred websites from Poppy Creative Agency’s professional photographers, stylists, team members & collaborators.

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