Top Five: Shaun Sullivan’s Favorite Photography Websites

This week, we asked Shaun Sullivan, photographer for Poppy Creative Agency, to list his 5 favorite websites for photography. We love his answers, which range from an appetite for travel to industry-focused and even…well…crazy. Read, click, and let us know your favorite sites, too.

Shaun’s Top 5 Websites

1. 2HeadS

The name “2HeadS” refers to Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions in ancient Roman mythology. Janus – a two-faced god – looks to both the future and the past. 2HeadS was born when the works of G.W. Bénard became the basis of lectures in photography schools around the world. Today, the website is full of articles, essays, and notes relating to photography.

2. Chase Jarvis’ Blog

If you can peel yourself away from Chase’s portfolio long enough to visit his blog, you’ll see articles about risk-taking, travel photos, advice for tapping into your creativity, roundups of the best camera lenses… pretty much everything you need to live the life you’ve imagined and make sure you have the right (photography) gear for the job.

P.S. Chase has a great bio that you should read if you like great things.

3. The British Journal of Photography

The British Journal of Photography has an eclectic mix of all things artistic: photo essays from cultures you’d never know about otherwise, bullfighting images straight out of Portugal, commentary on urban art, previews of photography books, tech tips, eery self portraits, photo contest news, and one dog dressed as a clown.

4. Sally Mann

If you love black and white photography, still life, and portraits, you’ll love Sally’s dramatic portfolio. Her website doesn’t just have her photography to explore, but also her books and films.

5. Tim Walker Photography

Tim Walker’s photos are odd and eccentric, colorful and imaginative, and you’ll need a solid chunk of time to sort through his portfolio because you won’t be able to look away.

This is the third post in a Top 5 series that will focus on preferred websites from Poppy Creative Agency’s professional photographers, stylists, team members & collaborators.

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