Top Five: Eric Zepeda’s Favorite Photography Websites

This week, we asked Eric Zepeda, Photographer for Poppy Creative Agency, to list his five favorite websites for photography and inspiration. We love his answers, which range from the creative (Erik Almås’ imaginative images) to the practical (tips for using C1) and even the slightly ranting (copyright law, people!). Read, click and let us know your favorite sites, too.

Top 5 Photography Websites, According to Eric

1. Erik Almås: Photography and Motion

Erik’s photography niches are many: lifestyle, landscapes, portraits, fashion, fine art, motion… While I don’t visit his website as much as I’d like to, this is truly what it’s all about – his photography and seeing someone’s dream turned into reality lifts my spirits.

2. Profoto: The Light Shaping Company

Profoto’s products are used by the best photographers in the industry and their blog offers tips and tricks, behind-the-scenes peeks and interviews with pros. Check out the videos with Greg Heisler – I’ve worked with Greg a lot and anyone can benefit from just a few minutes with this guy.

3. Canadian Geographic – The Search for the Lost Shops of the Franklin Expedition

Approximately 170 years ago, 100 men disappeared in the Arctic, leaving a trail of bones but no survivors to talk about what really happened. The story has lead poisoning, cannibalism, polar bears – there’s nothing uninteresting about it. Oh, and in September of 2014, they found one of the ships. Follow the search and get breaking news here.

4. Stop Stealing Photos

One of my biggest pet peeves in today’s world is that it’s so easy to steal someone’s hard work. Stealing art is lazy, weak and wrong. I love that calls these people out – the website’s a big ol’ wall of shame.

5. Phase One Forum

I use Capture One (C1) every day and this is where I go when there’s trouble. The forum’s also a great place to stay on top of new releases.

This is the first post in a Top 5 series that will focus on preferred websites from Poppy Creative Agency’s professional photographers, stylists, team members & collaborators.

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