Tools of the Trade: Photographer Shaun Sullivan’s Back-to-Basics Approach

Now and then, we talk with our team members about the gadgets, contraptions, instruments and gizmos that help them do their job better than ever. Today, Shaun Sullivan talks a little bit about his minimalist approach to photography.

This is the second in our “Tools of the Trade” series. See our chat with Ana Homonnay here

“I’m not much of a gadget person when it comes to photography,” Shaun told us. “I will certainly bring along lots of equipment to a shoot, but inevitably I end up just using the available light.” Shaun’s go-to lenses are a 50 f1.2 and a 70-200 f2.8.

Photographer Shaun Sullivan, Poppy Creative Agency in the Bay Area

Photo by Shaun Sullivan

Can’t work with the light you have? Photographer Ana Homonnay has a great solution:

My favorite tool is my strobe. When shooting on location, which is for most of my jobs, I often use the strobes together and off-camera with a white umbrella in a stand. Ever since participating in a San Francisco workshop with Joe McNally, a National Geographic photographer, I’ve never left my strobes out of my camera bags. Photographers who shoot on location and need to move fast – but still want to create beautiful lighting – use strobes off camera because they’re handy and easier than setting up big lights.

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