Spotlight on Traci Terrick, Founder of Poppy Creative Agency


2017 is going to be a big year for all of us at Poppy Creative Agency. We’re moving to a new office in Sausalito, where we’ll be able to host workshops, throw parties and more. Plus, our founder, Traci Terrick, is stepping down from being an on-set producer in order to focus on our growing client base, spend more time meeting clients in person and book exciting projects for our photographers and stylists. We thought it’d be fun to share some insider information and advice from the woman behind Poppy.

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Photo by Joy Coakley

How did you get started in the industry?

I got my first real job out of college as the administrative assistant to Williams-Sonoma’s creative director and from there I was trained in graphic design, art direction, color and printing management for catalogs. That really paved my way to working in the retail industry in creative departments, but this was still years before I decided to go out on my own. When the bubble burst in 2005 and a lot of in-house talent was laid off, I saw an opportunity to help brands by offering full-service creative teams. That’s when I decided to start the agency.

What’s your favorite part of your career?

Working with super creative and talented artists. I like to surround myself with the beauty of photography and I love everything visual – magazines, movies, books, websites, art galleries. I feel blessed that I can spend my day placing talented people with companies in order to create environments that people aspire to have or visually-pleasing images that sell products.

What advice would you give to someone who’s getting started in the industry?

Always be working, even if it’s not for money. Post your work – both published and personal – online. Follow your passion and share it with others.

Poppy Creative Agency offers full-service creative teams, including art direction, production, location scouting, catering, casting, photography and styling. For more information, visit Poppy Creative Agency online. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

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