Sean Dagen’s Project for Citizen Best

Back in July, photographer Sean Dagen paired up with creative director Cherry Lao to work on a shoot for brand design agency Citizen Best. This was just the type of project Sean loves. “The goal was to provide branding collateral for Kredo, one of Cherry’s clients,” Sean explained. “It was a true collaboration, resulting in something much greater than its individual parts could have ever been on their own.” Thanks to Cherry’s expertise in design and typography, combined with styling by Bryson Gil and Sean’s photography, the finished piece truly shines. “It was amazing to see the final product all put together,” Sean told us. See the completed project here.

Bay Area Photographers

Bay Area Photographers

Bay Area Photographers

Sean and Cherry have also worked together on campaigns for Tiny Prints. Check out Sean’s photography for them here. Connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.

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