Poppy Creative’s Collaboration with Video Production Company LOMA for Pottery Barn

In spring of this year, Wesleigh Sterrs, nephew of Poppy Creative Agency owner Traci Terrick, worked with Pottery Barn to edit their How to Choose the Right Beer Glass video. “We wanted to create a light, fun and concise informational piece about different beer glass styles,” Wesleigh said. For Poppy, this has been an exciting venture – we’re thrilled to offer the full spectrum of video services to our clients, thanks to Wesleigh’s media production company, LOMA.

As the co-owner of LOMA, Wesleigh is used to working on videos of all shapes and sizes. He works collaboratively with his partner as producer, director, camera operator and editor. “When you work in this industry, you’re subject to some pretty unexpected contracts falling into your lap. I always enjoy the opportunity and challenge to work with big name clients like Pottery Barn. It strengthens my media muscles.”

Wesleigh wanted to be a filmmaker growing up, a theme we’ve seen among a lot of the creatives we interview ­– they end up in, or close to, the field they’ve dreamed of for most of their life. He shared his advice for getting started in the industry: “I never went to film school or have had any formal training. YouTube is basically film school. Watch tutorials! Also, one-on-one mentorships have always been super beneficial for me, so make friends and ask a lot of questions.”

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The team at LOMA conceptualizes, produces, shoots and edits videos. Most of their work is in non-fiction, web-based marketing content, but they also make creative and narrative pieces.

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