Poppy Creative’s Collaboration & Feature in C Home Magazine

Interior Designer Patricia Adrian-Hanson and I met at her house during a Williams-Sonoma Home photo shoot and we immediately hit it off. Not only did Patricia have an amazing abode and obvious talent, but she was also warm and generous. While talking about an interior design business she was planning to launch, Patricia mentioned that she was on the lookout for a photographer. Naturally, I let her know that I had the perfect person for the job.

Exterior 1


Around that time, Linda Vegher, a fantastic art director, reached out to me. Linda needed images for her portfolio and to pitch to magazines – she, too, was in the market for a photographer. “Your timing is perfect!” I said. Between Patricia’s project of showcasing her interior design brilliance and Linda’s project of displaying her talent in art direction, combining the two ventures was a clear solution. Together, Linda and I went to Patricia with the idea. Not only would it satisfy both Patricia and Linda’s projects, but it would also leave Poppy Creative with more portfolio samples. Win-win-win!




Cut to one week later…

On a cold Saturday morning, Linda Vegher, Photographer Sean Dagen and Stylist Suzie Holmstrom visually created the story. Then, Patricia and Linda hit the pavement, approaching as many people as possible to encourage a shelter magazine to run the story. After much perseverance and a few professional connections, California-based interior design editor Diane Dorran Saeks contacted Patricia – she wanted to run the piece in an upcoming edition of C Home magazine! We couldn’t have been more thrilled!



See the full piece here: Idyll Away



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