Paella On the Porch: An Afternoon With Edible Marin and Wine Country

In today’s blog post, Poppy Creative’s own Eric Zepeda talks about his day with Edible Marin & Wine Country as they prepped the magazine’s fall cover.

Recently, I spent a great afternoon with Gibson Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of Edible Marin & Wine Country, and Food Stylist Kevin Crafts to work on the magazine’s fall cover.

Kevin had made a beautiful paella and we shot it on a graphic background that I loved. We wanted another option, though – something softer and more country-like to better reflect the dish and its rural fisherman roots.

I’d been eyeing an outdoor fireplace with this amazing, moss-covered rock patina, something that would’ve taken 100 years to replicate – and so I decided to go for it. I love how the mossy texture reminds me of a seaweed dish, which of course connects back to the paella dish. When Kevin put the wine glasses down, I felt like we’d arrived.


I’m looking forward to working with both Gibson and Kevin again soon – there was something cool and downright fun there, and I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

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