Meet Scott Scharenbroich, Our Newest Soft Goods Stylist!

Poppy is so excited to introduce you to our brand new soft goods stylist, Scott Scharenbroich! We talked with Scott about his day-to-day job, his beginnings in the world of photography and what he loves most about being in a creative, collaborative field.

What’s your job like?

Lovely breakfast at 8 a.m., craft services at 10, yummy catered lunch at 12:15… Yes, we’re treated well, but if that were my real schedule I’d weigh 400 pounds. Styling is actually a lot of hard work!

Bay Area Creative Agency

Soft Goods Stylist: Scott Scharenbroich

My first priority is to know the client, to understand their overall desired look and styling needs. I also work closely with the art director to understand their vision for the project and I pay close attention to the photographer to understand their camera angle, crop and lighting.

How did the you get started in the industry?

My interest in photography started early. In high school I was the yearbook photographer. I later studied studio photography and lighting at a vocational institute. I went on to work with several companies over the years, doing every aspect of commercial photographic lab work. My skills were fine-tuned when I started creating exhibits and displays for museums and galleries. Those connections led me to work in the film industry as a prop master and art director. After jumping between film and print projects, I decided to focus my attention on print.

Bay Area Creative Agency

Soft Goods Stylist: Scott Scharenbroich

What sets you apart from other stylists?

Working in the photographic industry for so many years has made me very detail oriented. My primary focus has been specializing in textiles. By immersing myself in one specific area, I’ve come to understand fabrics and the way they move. I love the art of sculpting fabric, enhancing its natural flow and beauty for a photo.

Bay Area Creative Agency

Soft Goods Stylist: Scott Scharenbroich

What’s the best part of your career?

I’ve always loved the creative outlet and the photographic process, but what I truly value now is the opportunity to work with such great, talented individuals. Working so closely with these artists, these masters of their craft…their talent and taste have influenced my life in so many ways. When everyone you work with brings their “A” game to the set, creating beautiful images can be an amazing adventure.

We’ll be featuring plenty more of Scott’s work right here on the Poppy Creative blog. In the meantime, visit Scott’s website and connect with him on Instagram.

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