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Every quarter, we put out a new edition of the Poppy Creative magazine to showcase work from our photographers and stylists. Often, they have a theme ­– our love for California or celebrating the holidays, for example – but this time, we let our creatives decide what they wanted to share with us. Enjoy the sneak peeks below and stay tuned for the full magazine! We also talked a bit more with graphic designer Dave Valentine about what it’s like to work on these publications for us each season (see the rest of our interview with him here).

California Soft Goods Stylist

Soft Goods Stylist: Nyssa Zinn

California Beach Photography

Photo by Thompson + Homonnay

San Francisco Photographer

Photo by Shaun Sullivan

“Working with Poppy’s collection of creatives is always really fun. For the magazines we produce, everyone brings a different voice and story each issue. Photography is so communicative! I love when the layouts start to come together and the cover concept comes to life. The photography informs the magazine design, not the other way around. It’s a fun and tough job to come up with a cover that expresses the theme and the mood of the contents. When the idea becomes clear, it’s a great feeling.” – Dave Valentine, Graphic Designer

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