History of Poison: Dramatic Food Photography from Shaun Sullivan

Photographer Shaun Sullivan recently worked on History of Poison, a unique and dramatic food photography collaboration that led to unexpected and gorgeously theatrical results. Here, Shaun Sullivan talks about his experience on the shoot and shares the final result with us.

History of Poison was the brainchild of two amazing creatives: Denise Randolf, an art director from Geneva, IL, and Gena Sigala, a stylist from Santa Monica. The three of us converged for one day at my house. Gena hauled in a roomful of beautiful props and unusual foods, enough to shoot for days. Denise, who has an incredible eye for type and design as well as great taste in photography, kept the entire shoot on track. Denise is very decisive and offers great suggestions while still allowing room for playing around and happy accidents, which are two things that I feel are necessary for a successful shoot. Collaborative tests are a great way to take images in a direction you might not otherwise go in. When three people are working toward a common goal, it can be truly inspiring. It was a privilege to be invited into this collaboration.”

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