Celebrate Nyssa Zinn’s Birthday!

We love celebrating anything and everything here at Poppy, including another birthday for one of our wonderful team members. A huge “Happy Birthday” to prop stylist Nyssa Zinn! Below are a few images of Nyssa as a baby, as well as one of her today with her baby, Ravi!

San Francisco Prop Stylist

San Francisco Prop Stylist

San Francisco Prop Stylist

Connect with Nyssa Zinn on Instagram at @nyssazinn and Pinterest. Visit her website at NyssaZinn.com.

One thought on “Celebrate Nyssa Zinn’s Birthday!

  1. Today we had a bonus, because there were photo`s of you as a baby, one of Ravi and then one of the both of you. Just beautiful. Have a very happy Mother`s Day.
    Please give Ravi hugs and kisses from us.
    Grandma & Grandpa

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