The Best Pieces of Advice We’ve Heard from Creatives

We talk to a lot of creative people – our own photographers and stylists, artists and professionals we collaborate with, and our imaginative clients we love working on projects for. We’ve gathered some of our favorite pieces of advice and inspirational quotes about photography, photo styling, the creative process, collaboration, mentorship and success. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too – we’ll be sharing even more #inspo there.

On photography…

“Find the thing you love to shoot and chase it. Always follow your vision and your creativity.” – Sean Dagen, Photographer

“Shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot some more…Get off your tripod.” – Shaun Sullivan, Photographer

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Photo by Shaun Sullivan

“I love getting into a shot, composing, making the elements come together, then washing light over the whole thing. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that.” – Eric Zepeda, Photographer

“I think shooting is the most important thing. In the beginning it’s great to try it all. Street photography, studio, documentary, fashion, everything, and over time you’ll find your niche that will likely be much more narrow [and] highly focused.” – Ana Homonnay, Photographer

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On photo styling…

 “Styling allows the opinionated designer in me to perfect things. It’s challenging and so rewarding when seemingly impossible projects come your way and you are able to come up with a creative solution and persevere.”  – Joy Coakley, Soft Goods Stylist

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Soft Goods Stylist: Joy Coakley

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“I love being a part of the process of making interiors and objects into beautiful experiences. Whether it’s a physical experience or it is captured in a photograph, these moments create a feeling of happiness, luxury and relaxation for people.” – Nyssa Zinn, Prop Stylist

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Prop Stylist: Nyssa Zinn

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“By immersing myself in one specific area, I’ve come to understand fabrics and the way they move. I love the art of sculpting fabric, enhancing its natural flow and beauty for a photo.” – Scott Scharenbroich

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Soft Goods Stylist: Scott Scharenbroich

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On the process…

“I am always, always excited about my next project. It doesn’t matter if it’s silos in a studio or some beautiful beach location. I love the process.” – Shaun Sullivan, Photographer

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“I love getting my hands dirty. I really enjoy the process from design to completion, from the people I hire as carpenters or scenic to the photo crews I work with on set. It can change from day to day or week to week and I enjoy the constant change.” – Courtney Atinsky, Designer

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On collaboration …

 “For me, collaboration is key! I feel, with my existing clients, that I have an incredible team effort. We all add our two cents and build from there. We feed off each other and with different points of view we all can achieve something more than expected.” – Shaun Sullivan, Photographer

“Every person I have been able to collaborate with is a gem in their own way. Each collaboration brings with it new opportunities, new lessons, and new discoveries.” – Sean Dagen, Photographer

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“I feel lucky to be where I am right now career-wise. Having the freedom to be who I am as a photographer and being part of a creative duo only adds to the artistic process. I’m fortunate to have a partner who I believe in and who believes in me, working in an atmosphere where we constantly learn together, laugh together and create amazing images together.” – Ashley Thompson, Photographer

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Photo by Ashley Thompson

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“What I truly value is the opportunity to work with such great, talented individuals. Working so closely with these artists, these masters of their craft…their talent and taste have influenced my life in so many ways. When everyone you work with brings their “A” game to the set, creating beautiful images can be an amazing adventure.” – Scott Scharenbroich

On mentorship…

“I was very lucky to have such an amazing and patient teacher in Shaun [Sullivan]. I made a lot of mistakes and he was always very patient with me. I am forever grateful for him passing on parts of his craft to me; it felt much more like an apprenticeship, being taught by a master at his trade.” – Sean Dagen, Photographer

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Photo by Sean Dagen

“Stay fluid when it comes to experiencing new things and learning from as many people as you can. That’s what will give you both an education and a start.” – Nyssa Zinn, Prop Stylist

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“Find someone who can mentor you. Ask lots of questions. And say ‘yes’ more than you say ‘no.’” – Laurie King, Producer

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On success…

 “Be persistent and hustle. There’s a way to be eloquent and, at the same time, also be the squeaky wheel.” – Joy Coakley, Soft Goods Stylist

“I was on set a few months ago and the stylist said ‘Just shoot it, nobody cares,’ and I thought, ‘Maybe, but I do.’ Every shot is a chance to get better, to practice, to work towards a moment that makes someone say ‘Wow!’ If you’re heart’s not in it, you’re in the wrong business.” – Eric Zepeda, Photographer

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Photo by Eric Zepeda

“Having experienced so many different jobs and going though several micro-careers has given me the ability to look at my work through different lenses. I have perspectives that I wouldn’t necessarily have if I had gone straight from high school into design.” – Dave Valentine, Graphic Designer

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“Always be working, even if it’s not for money. Post your work – both published and personal – online. Follow your passion and share it with others.” – Traci Terrick, Founder of Poppy Creative Agency

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