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Prop Stylist Nyssa Zinn

We may be a creative agency, but being around art, vision and expression on a daily basis only makes us more hungry for inspiration. We asked art director and prop stylist Nyssa Zinn to tell us where she goes when she needs a new muse, advice or a little retail therapy. Here are her five favorite websites – and they’re now on our list of faves, too.

1. QUITOKEETO | quitokeeto.com

Launched in 2012, QUITOKEETO specializes in two of our favorite things: culinary arts and jewelry. Their selection includes California ceramics and hand-forged knives, plus natural candles, gemstones and antique diamonds. Each item for sale is carefully chosen and available both online and in their studio in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Visit their recipes section, which includes power snacks; healthy, portable meals; and herbal teas.

2. Lonny Magazine | lonny.com

Lonny Magazine is like BuzzFeed for designers and stylists. Discover great market finds (like must-buy luggage), take virtual tours of celebrity homes and discover how in-the-know you are through trivia and quizzes (we’re sure Nyssa would ace the “Are You a Design Buff?” quiz). Their Ideas category is welcomingly vague, chock full of things like IKEA hacks, bedside styling tips, DIY throw pillow projects and how-to articles about keeping your apartment super clean. Get your Pocket account ready – you’re going to want to bookmark everything.

3. Kinfolk Magazine | kinfolk.com

Simple and specific, the latest issue of Kinfolk Magazine focuses on the home, with features on modernist apartments and minimalist French architecture. City guides help you get around fashionable places like Copenhagen, Florence, Seattle and Osaka. Stories are deep and sometimes offbeat – their Through a Glass Darkly piece is about the traces that bugs leave in your home. Eek.

4. Mother | mothermag.com

In case you still don’t know what this website is about, the first link you’ll see is simply titled Motherhood. We’re not talking the basic tips-and-tricks type of website, though. We suggest you first head to the Motherlode section, which has weekly roundups of parenthood-focused stories. The most recent Motherlode includes Regina Spektor’s thoughts on mama-hood, a view from The Atlantic on disciplining children and how music therapy can make getting shots at the doctor a lot less traumatic. Additional sections include Style, Living, Beauty, Food and Travel.

5. We Are Scout | we-are-scout.com

We Are Scout has a fantastic Space to Create section that spotlights creative players in the industry. You can also check out information about design trends and brands to watch, plus try your hand at chic DIY craft tutorials. For home tours and inspo, head to Interiors + Home. We personally love the oh-so-timely Halloween features in the Festive + Holiday section.

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