4 Pieces of Wisdom From Our Favorite Creatives

With the new year right around the corner, we’re feeling a bit sentimental at the Poppy Creative Agency. This week, we’ve looked back at our blog posts from the past few months to glean some words of wisdom that we’ll carry into 2015. Here are five pieces of advice from some of our favorite photographers and stylists.

1. “Always be shooting, whether it’s for a client, your portfolio or yourself. Find the thing you love to shoot and chase it. Always follow your vision and your creativity.” – Sean Dagen, Photographer

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Photo by Sean Dagen

Photo by Sean Dagen

2. From Joy Coakley, we learned that creative careers aren’t always messy – there’s such a thing as an organized artist, too. In “Notes From a Stylist: Joy Coakley On Her Love for the Career,” she said, “Styling allows the opinionated designer in me to perfect things. It’s challenging and so rewarding when seemingly impossible projects come your way and you are able to come up with a creative solution and persevere.”

Styled by Joy Coakley

Styled by Joy Coakley

3. Designer Courtney Atinsky talked about how she loves practically every aspect of her career. “I really enjoy the process from design to completion, from the people I hire as carpenters or scenic to the photo crews I work with on set. It can change from day to day or week to week and I enjoy the constant change.”

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4. Another gem from Joy, reminding us that sometimes we’ve always been who we are today: As I think back to years past, from always rearranging my room when I was younger, to my early 20s’ work experience as a catering and event designer, to the interior design classes I took in college when I thought I may go that route, to the floral design training and experience, to my photography degree and my love of capturing beauty, I realize that styling has been a perfect fit for me.

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