Our 5 Favorite Blog Posts of All Time

August is a month for lazing about and daydreaming. We’ve been thinking a lot about our work here at Poppy – what we’ve done and what we have in store for the fall season (and beyond). We thought it’d be the perfect time to reminisce a bit and share some of our favorite posts from the blog. They range from chats with our favorite creatives to “poisonous” food, a daytime outing to the Flower Market and the most unique models we’ve ever worked with. Enjoy!

1. From the Desert to the Deep Sea with Matt Reoch and Jason Pachura of Birdman Inc.

Creative agency in San Francisco

We talked with Matt Reoch and Jason Pachura, location scouts for Birdman Inc. We love working with Matt and Jason, who we often hire to find locations for clients.

“I have always loved outdoor adventure. When I was young, my dad would tuck me into bed and ask what we should talk about before I drifted off to sleep. I would always answer that I wanted him to talk about outer space or [the] deep sea. They were the most fascinating places that I could imagine visiting. So, I suppose I wanted to be an astronaut or a deep sea diver. While I haven’t actually been to outer space (yet), I do love scuba diving and I still enjoy all the adventures that life and scouting have to offer.”

Keep reading!

2. Artist Spotlight on Tina Frey, Founder and Creative Director of Tina Frey Designs

Creative agency in San Francisco

Photographer: Sean Dagen | Photo Stylist: Nyssa Zinn

Tina Frey’s clay tabletop pieces surpass what you’d find in most shops. Hers are so delicate, so modestly elegant that you forget you’re looking at a functional item and instead mistake it for art. Tina’s creations are inspired by the sea and nature, travel, and treats you loved as a kid – jelly beans and popsicles, evident in the vibrant colors she uses. We love her collections, which include carafes, cream and sugar sets, dishes, fruit bowls, platters and vessels, and we wanted to chat with Tina about her path. Keep reading!

3. History of Poison: Dramatic Food Photography from Shaun Sullivan

Creative agency in San Francisco

Photographer: Shaun Sullivan

Photographer Shaun Sullivan worked on History of Poison, a unique and dramatic food photography collaboration that led to unexpected and gorgeously theatrical results. Shaun told us about his experience on the shoot and shared the final results with us. Keep reading!

4. Our Trip to the SF Flower Market, Plus Floral Arranging in Stop Motion!

Creative agency in San Francisco

Photographer: Joy Coakley

Traci & photographer Joy Coakley headed to the San Francisco Flower Market for an afternoon of choosing and arranging gorgeous blooms. Traci told us about their day trip and waxed poetic about her love for flowers. Keep reading and see even more stop motion flower arranging here.

5. We Were Lucky Dogs to Work With These Adorable Models!

Creative agency in San Francisco

Photographer: Shaun Sullivan

We have a lot of talented people on our team – art directors, stylists, photographers – but part of running a creative agency is dealing with models. This isn’t always easy when you take into account clashing personalities, tight schedules and varying levels of experience. We were delighted to work with three true professionals – model models, if you will. Keep reading!

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