11 Lifestyle and Design Magazines We Would Read Every Day if There Was More Time

“Let’s come up with ten of our favorite lifestyle and design magazines!” we said. Like those bakers who throw in an extra muffin, we couldn’t keep the list as short as planned. We’ve rounded up 10 + 1 of our most beloved glossies, and that’s only because we didn’t want this blog post to go on for a mile.

Photo by Shaun Sullivan

Photo by Shaun Sullivan

1. Afar

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or you’re just collecting Pinterest photos on your “Wanderlust” board, check out Afar. The magazine (and fantastic website) will give you tons of motivation to buy a ticket to an unknown land ASAP. At the very least, you’ll be encouraged to finally start that travel savings account you’ve been planning on.

2. Anthology 

Each issue of Anthology curates a collection of stories, all revolving around one central theme. Their current issue, number 18, focuses on color.

Photo by Sean Dagen

Photo by Sean Dagen

3. Bella Grace

Brought to you by Stampington & Company, Bella Grace is a quarterly magazine with gorgeous, feminine images on almost every page, plus fill-in-the-blank, workbook areas to help you connect with your passions.

4. Belle 

Belle leaves us always wanting a little more, since it’s only published eight times a year. Frankly, we’d like a new issue every week, but we’ll take what they give us! Australia’s most popular interior design magazine loves to shine the spotlight on industry creatives, just like we do on our very own blog. Plus, the magazine covers design hot spots, travel destination, events, art, furniture, and more.

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5. Domino 

We love that when you first visit Domino, there are coupon codes right at the top. As if we needed an excuse to shop! Their collection of furniture, accessories, outdoor furnishings, rugs, and more is fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that it can get a little dangerous for the wallet.

6. Donna Hay

We suggest steering clear of this magazine if you’re on a diet. The current issue features duck dishes, schnitzel recipes, desserts that are both salty and sweet… Enough said. We’re starving.

Photo by Eric Zepeda

Photo by Eric Zepeda

7. Elle Decor 

If there was a red carpet for design magazines, Elle Decor would be walking it. The publication is just as chic and sophisticated as you’d expect, with all of the celebrity home details you could want. They also have tips and ideas for us common folk who can’t afford gazillion dollar mansions. Sigh.

8. Garden and Gun 

How cool is the name of this magazine? If we didn’t already love it, the moniker would have us hooked from this point on. Garden and Gun has a little bit of everything, from food and music to the arts and travel. For the truly cultured, this is a must-read.

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9. House Beautiful 

Sweet and charming, House Beautiful has easy-to-understand articles with color, decorating, layout, and design tips for both professionals in the field and at-home DIYers.

10. Livingetc 

The quintessential periodical for anyone who loves interior design, Livingetc is Britain’s most popular modern homes magazine. Their issues are brimming with decoration ideas, shopping suggestions, and advice for designers, both professional and amateur. Their website is just as great, with tours of stylish homes and the opportunity to get in on conversations about design.

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11. Sweet Paul 

Simple, elegant recipes; cool crafts; ideas for entertaining; and shopping tips fill the pages of Sweet Paul, making it the perfect inspirational magazine for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Don’t forget to check out the Poppy Creative magazine, which features the work and inner thoughts of our team! Also, we’d love to hear what magazines YOU love! Leave a comment!

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