Some of Our Favorite San Francisco Brands

One of the best things about running a creative agency is getting to connect with local businesses, both big and small. We’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite San Francisco-based brands, all of which we’ve worked with in the past and are looking forward to teaming up with again in the future!

  1. Cowgirl Creamery

Since 1994, Cowgirl Creamery has been creating their own artisan cheeses and selling other specialty foods. Photographer Eric Zepeda has a special place in his heart for their Mt Tam. Scroll at your own risk – you’re about to be very hungry.

Photographer: Eric Zepeda

2. Roost

This wholesale line of home accessories and furnishings focuses on livable design. Roost sells everything from small gifts to big furniture, plus lighting, vases, baskets and botanicals. Materials and finishes are contemporary without being severe and specialty collections are added seasonally. Roost is one of our favorite resources for home retailers and we’re excited to share Sean Dagen’s photos with you!

Photo by Sean Dagen, Stylist: Claire Mack

3. Gobble

Gobble is a home delivery service that brings ready-to-cook ingredients to your door. Customers follow three-step, one-pan recipes without having to do any shopping or prep work. We love anything that makes mealtime a cinch… Check out the work Eric Zepeda did for Gobble to showcase some of their recipes.

Photographer: Eric Zepeda, Food Stylist: Emily Caneer

4. Tina Frey Designs

Tina Frey’s clay tabletop pieces are delicate and elegant, just as much art as they are functional additions to the home. Tina’s creations are inspired by the sea and nature, travel, and treats you loved as a kid – jelly beans and popsicles, evident in the vibrant colors she uses. Read our interview with Tina here.


Photographer: Sean Dagen, Photo Stylist: Nyssa Zinn

5. Jumpstart Automotive Media

Jumpstart is a digital marketing company focusing on the automotive industry. Our photography duo Thompson and Homonnay shot images for the award-winning website and our graphic designer helped build the website from scratch. Read more about it here.

Photographer: Thompson and Homonnay

6. Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market opened in Fisherman’s Wharf in 1958, selling original and handmade pieces from all over the globe. The items were sold at just slightly above cost (hence the “Cost Plus”) and today the company still makes unique finds available to everyone. Stylist Nyssa Zinn worked on a photo series to showcase what can be done with a gathering space. Check it out here.

Prop Stylist: Nyssa Zinn

7-8. MeWater Foundation and City Surf Project

MeWater is a non-profit group that provides day and overnight camps to kids, teens and families. They believe in the power of mental health, mindfulness, empowerment and the benefits of the great outdoors, including, of course, the ocean. City Surf Project’s mission is to connect urban youth to the ocean and teach them life skills through surfing. Thompson Homonnay Photography and art director Nyssa Zinn worked on a shoot for MeWater Foundation and City Surf Project to document the work that they do.

Art Director: Nyssa Zinn | Photography: Thompson Homonnay

9. Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics newest retail space is right in the heart of San Francisco, selling tableware, tabletop designs and tile. Sink your teeth into goodies from Tartine Manufactory while you’re there, too. Recently, stylist Nyssa Zinn worked on a photo shoot at Heath and Tartine, which was featured in one of Curio’s latest editions. Check it out here!

Photographer: Naomi McColloch, Prop Stylist: Nyssa Zinn

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